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Music is an outburst of the soul

MonsieurJEAN, DJ and Sound Designer offers his vast experience and the best of his music collection obtained while working in Ibiza, Corfu, Marbella, Morocco, Bora Bora, Paris, Brussels, Las Vegas, New-York and Los Angeles.

MonsieurJEAN is available for private and corporate events, weddings, product launches, grand openings, fashion and theatrical shows.

For intimate to grand-scale events, MonsieurJEAN provides the latest music from around the globe.

As a Music Designer, MonsieurJEAN also crosses and blends diverse musical genres to create avant-garde mixes tailored to an event.


MonsieurJEAN, DJ et Designer sonore, vous propose son expérience et sa collection musicale obtenues en mixant à Ibiza, Corfu, Marbella, Agadir, Bora Bora, Paris, Bruxelles, Las Vegas, New-York et Los Angeles.

MonsieurJEAN est disponible pour évènements privés ou d'entreprise, lancements de produits, grandes ouvertures, défilés de mode...

De l'intimisme jusqu'aux évènements à grande échelle, MonsieurJEAN vous apporte les derniers tubes d'autour du monde.

DJ MIxing
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